Back at it

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that 2014 was nothing short of awful and I couldn’t be happier to be putting it behind me.

It feels so exciting to have all of these plank pages ahead of me!


Going strong

I’m still doing my salad and running every day. I think today is day 8? I lost track. My favorite salad has been strawberry, blackberry, feta on field mix. Then have ranged from 1 mile to 3. Tomorrow I am planning on 4 miles and adding a mile each weekend day for my long run. My legs are tired, but in a good way.

Perfect Monday

You gotta love a Monday that you don’t have to work. I got up and took the kids to school and then went right back to bed with my coffee and a little Nurse Jackie.
My salad today was at Ruby Tuesdays. I was craving salad bar. I made a beautiful masterpiece. The best is the croutons. Deep fried cubes of doughy goodness (or at least they seem fried). I had high hopes to eat two full mountainous plates of veggies, but alas one was enough.
I went for a 2.3 mile run down the canal path. It was very peaceful and lovely. It was so sunny that I had to wear sunglasses and so warm behind my glasses that my eyeballs sweat and all of my make up ended up in my eyes. It didn’t feel good. I tried taking a picture to show eyeball sweat but it was so hurty that I couldn’t open my eyes….



Day 3


Lazy lazy Sunday. Slept until 8:30 drank a butt ton of coffee and made these little gems for Kevin.
Chocolate croissants. Fancy. Then I went for a run. I did 3.2 miles in the fastest time I have ran in months. Made me feel strong and powerful like it used to instead of slow and molassesey like it has been.
As soon as I got home I got a horrible migraine. I did nothing for a few hours while I was wait for the medicine kick in (which it never really did).
For my salad today I grilled steak for Pittsburg Cesar Salads. >


Four salads and two miles

Day 2 of birthday streak! I did 2 miles during Caleb’s haircut this morning in the most beautiful misty rain. Then had a breakfast salad of asparagus and tempeh. We had a big outing to the Galleria Mall and some delicious Mighty Taco where I had a lunch salad which was meh. Third salad was juju fruit salad 😉 yum and last but not least spinach salad with steak.
Very healthy and successful day 2 of
streak 🙂


Birthday streak

One month to my 35th birthday. I feel good about this. I love my 30’s! To give myself the gift of continued health I am going to do a salad-a-day and run-a-day streak from today through May 25th.
Today’s salad was spinach, romaine, strawberries, feta and walnuts for lunch and for dinner a roasted potato and asparagus salad
with lentils and mustard vinaigrette. Todays run will be a 2 mile trail in my hood.


Temporary Failure

I can’t help but feel that I have failed.  I set out to reach a goal of running a half marathon on April 27th, but have completely undertrained and do not feel at all prepared for it.  I decided to drop down to the 5k instead of the half marathon.

This had been the hardest winter of my life without a doubt.  Personal issues, health problems and the weather all contributed… but I still feel like I could’ve worked harder and that’s the worst.   I’m disappointed with myself and have been for a couple months (probably the reason I have not blogged about it).

I know there will be more opportunities to achieve my goal and I already have my sights set on a couple…. But for today I am allowing myself a pity party.

The good news is that I haven’t completely given up and even though I wussed out on any sort of long runs, I have been regularly running short distances, weight lifting and cross training so at least I do not feel like I am starting from scratch.  My mind and heart is back in this game (just not in time for Flower City Challenge unfortunately).

I’m trying not to beat myself up over it too much.



Vegan for Lent

I have been missing in action so far in 2014.  I am still training for the half marathon and doing good with my plan. I added some weight training and HIIT on the cross train days and
some ab work every night that I hope will help with my stamina.  I feel weak towards the end of my long runs still right now and that just won’t do.  It’s been such a craptastically cold winter that I ended up having to join a gym to get my runs in.  I really do not enjoy the treadmill, but it beats 0 degrees and 12” of snow.

Speaking of the gym- this is what I went there looking like this morning…


Yup! Realized it when I was looking in the mirror during dumbbell presses.  So special.

My handsome blue haired Caleb has asked me to be vegan with him for Lent this year.

He wanted to see if he had the will power to be vegan and knew that I am always down to be his partner in crime.  I made him hide the scale on me so that I am not weighing myself obsessively and wanting to quit.  I will just eat my healthy vegan whole foods and run and weight train and see where it takes me.

Tonight for our first vegan supper we are making “Beef” and Broccoli over rice.  It’s our favorite Chinese dish. Hopefully it turns out good!  I hate to disappoint on Day 1.  So far today I ate oatmeal cooked in coconut milk, with blueberries and almonds and a “Caribbean Wild Dog”  sans the cheddar on a veggie dog from this gem of a restaurant , which was pretty much amazing!

We are tucking into our Chinese tonight while watching 12 Years A Slave.  Cannot wait!

Peace Out.



10 Day Juice Cleanse

Day 1

It’s been a rough winter for me mentally and physically so far.  Time to recharge with a fresh start.


2 cups hot water with ½ a lemon

9:00- Green Drink

(Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Apple, Ginger)


11:00- Purple Drink

(Beets, Beet Greens, Lime, Grapes)


12:00- Green Tea

1:00- Green Drink

3:00-Purple Drink

4:00- Green Tea

This is all I have figured out so far.  Tonight I’m thinking carrot/mango or carrot/orange. 

Workout will be core and arms since this is a actually a rest day.