First blog post

Let’s see.  For years I have been a stalker of many a running and healthy living blog.  I began running two years ago (basing all of my training on what I learned from said running blogs) as a way to cope with a traumatic event in my life.  I run on and off anywhere from 0 to 10 miles in a week.  I have made many promises to myself to run a half marathon and have made it as far as doing a 10 mile training run before giving up.  After going through a divorce at the end of 2012 and gaining 15-lbs of unwanted divorce weight in the process (thank you comfort foods & takeout & laziness)  I am rededicating myself to this goal and am determined to succeed!  This time not as a way of dealing with trauma but as a way to say that I made it through, I am strong and I can do anything I set my mind to! 

 My goal is to run the Flower City Challenge Half Marathon in April 2014 and to lose weight and get healthier in the process.  I jog along at a painfully slow pace so I am trying not to make a specific time goal.  I just want to finish.  Perhaps I will improve my speed during my training and surprise myself.

 My blog title is the promise to myself to follow through with this half marathon goal!  



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