Big Ol’ Nuthin

Miles Run – 0

Weight loss –  no clue

 I had the slothfulliest weekend of my life and it was wonderful!!!!  Saturday was cuddling by the fireplace, eating my face off at Osaka Sushi, and watching lots of Season 3 of Game of Thrones.  Oh, and also getting addicted to Candy Crush (yeah, Johnny come lately). 


Sunday was even better…. Laid around all day until 4:00 pm, when I felt so disgusted with myself that I worked out on the elliptical for an hour, took and shower and then felt justified to put my jammies back on for the night.  Since it would’ve been crazy to cook dinner after doing nothing all weekend, Caleb and I went to pick up take out.  Subway for me, Chinese for him. 

 After a solid two days of no vegetables and barely moving off the couch I decided weighing myself wasn’t a good idea this morning. 

 Back on track today with oatmeal for breakfast and butternut squash soup with black beans and kale for lunch.  I will be running 2 miles after work today also and perhaps some Jillian Michels later if I am feeling saucy. 



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