Happy 13th Birthday

Workout – ran 2 miles

Weightloss- still -1 (I am going to change to weighing in only on Mondays.  Everyday hurts my soul)

Thirteen years ago today I went into labor with Josh, 10 glorious days early.   After getting over the initial shock of what I thought was peeing my pants I figured out that my water had broke. One load of laundry later (since I had been wearing the jammies I wanted to bring with me when my water broke) and vacuuming so that I could come home from the hospital to those wonderful freshly vacuumed lines in the carpet (psycho) I was off.  One quick stop at the grocery store for snackies and I was on my way to Rochester General Hospital….talking the whole way about how this kid better look like me since Caleb was a blondie.  I took my sweet time getting there since my labor with Caleb was so long and I didn’t want to be stuck at the hospital for  any longer than I had to.   I had regular contractions but they weren’t painful so I figured I had plenty of time.  My friend Susie and her boyfriend came up to visit for a bit and we took a stroll around Labor & Delivery.  After they left I went from 0 to 10 on the pain scale instantaneously.  I was determined to get an epidural this time since I hadn’t had one with Caleb.  The nurses told me to take a shower instead.  Ummm, kay…. I got in the shower had one god awful contraction, said screw that, and got out.  I got into bed so the nurse could check to see how far along I was and they said I was ready to rock and roll.  My mom flew into the room just in time (she was by my side for both of my kids births) and after a harrowing 15 minutes of real labor he was born.

My little Joshybear.  Such a joy this kid is to me.  Has been making me laugh since the day he was born and I am so proud to be called his Mama.



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