Weekend Recap

I ran my first 5 miles on Saturday since… I have no clue when.  I tried to go back on Daily Mile to see when the last time was and that only goes back 12 months… so I know it was at least a year ago.  I want to say that it was spring of 2012?  Oh well.  Doesn’t matter.  I was very nervous the night before and that morning.  I had a lot of doubt in myself.  But I headed out anyway- armed with a handful of Starbursts.  It was a beautiful morning and I felt grateful to be up and awake and outside enjoying it.  Since I live in the country there were a lot of hunters out that morning (opening day of something or other) and I did not like hearing the guns going off.  Not that I have anything against hunting- but I worried (irrationally) that A. I would get shot or B. that I would get trampled by a deer trying to get away.  I reminded myself that I was crazy and turned up my music and forgot about it.

I had my run broken down by the mile and after each mile I gave myself a Starburst and let myself walk while I unwrapped and ate it.  I vaguely remember doing stuff like that for my kids when I was potty training them a bagillion years ago.  Positive reinforcements right?  Works for all ages.

It took me an hour to do the 5 miles which to some is slow- but to me is average and anyway I don’t care.  I was very proud of myself for getting it done. My left hip flexor is sore so I need to pay more attention to stretching, but other than that I felt great and can’t wait to get out there again. I have 10 days until my Race with Grace Thanksgiving 10K so I need to keep at it and get one more long run in this coming weekend.

The rest of the weekend was just about relaxing.  Caleb went to a friend’s all day Saturday so it was just Josh and I.  Since he is still recovering from his ACL surgery we were limited.  We ended up watching Grown-Ups 2 and After Earth ( both ok) and went to SEA Restaurant on Monroe Ave for Pho for dinner.  It was his first time and he LOVED it.


We got the fried squid to start.  It was really spicy and delish.


Then we both got bowls of Pho.  His was meatball and steak and mine was chicken.  It’s the best soup!!!  We had such a great time.  I love that my kids are up for trying anything with me.  They are both adventurous eaters and it’s so fun!


Sunday I spent the morning making homemade rolls with my mama.  Need to work on the recipe some but they were pretty good.


Then the boys and I went to Kevin’s for dinner.  He cooked us his specialty, chicken casserole.  He also made Caesar salad and mashed potatoes.  There is no greater boyfriend than mine.  That’s an absolute fact.  We may have stopped at Yolickity on the way home also.

I was a great weekend!



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