All or nothing

I have a serious issue with “starting fresh tomorrow”.  As an example, lets say I eat a healthy nutritious breakfast but then someone suggests take out for lunch (not naming names).  One option would be to just eat the lunch and continue on the rest of my day making healthy eating choices.  Instead, the option I usually choose is that this day is in the bag, and I will just eat whatever I want now and start fresh tomorrow.  The worst is when this happens on a Friday and then I get the effits for the whole rest of the weekend because it would be insanity to start a diet on any other day but a Monday.

The same can be said for working out.  If I don’t work out first thing in the morning then the rest of my day I am dreading it and trying to talk myself out of even doing it.  Tomorrow always seems like a better day to do it.  Tomorrow I won’t be tired.  Tomorrow I will have the time.

Last night I had to literally force myself out of the house at 8:00 to run. I had already put it off all day and I probably wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have my mom there to keep me in check.  When I was leaving I peaked in on Josh and he was all wrapped up in his bed watching Netflix.  That’s where I wanted to be!   As a teen wise beyond his years, barely even looking up from the iPad, he told me I would feel good when I was done and could I turn off the light on the way out.  Thanks Man!  I wanted him to tell me that I should stay home to take care of him!  Boo.

He was right though.  I did feel good when I was done!

Moral of the story.  Do it today…and then again tomorrow.




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