Hollandaise-aholics Anonymous

Hi my name is Christina and I’m a hollandaise-aholic.

All I ever want for breakfast is Eggs Benedict.  I rarely get it since its so unhealthy.  I crave it like a mad woman though.  Obviously I am not going to go making a hollandaise from scratch, since my 2014 resolution is to do as little cooking as humanely possible (and also stop tailgating people when I’m driving- which is definitely a work in progress).

Luckily I happen to read last week that Knorr brand makes a really good Hollandaise mix and it’s all I could think about all week!  Finally I got around to buying some on Friday to try.  The instructions called for milk and butter. Since I didn’t have milk and I didn’t want to use butter I used plain greek yogurt and water instead (sorry, I don’t measure).  Mmmmm  perfect!  Very low calorie and fat.  I’m not ashamed to say that I have eaten it for 4 days in a row, all why losing weight this week!  So there ya go!

Friday night it was enjoyed on a piece for salmon with a poached egg.


Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday evening (yes that’s right… I ate it for 2 meals yesterday) and this morning I made a little California Eggs Benedict with turkey, provolone, avocado and poached eggs.


Its daaaalicious!


2 thoughts on “Hollandaise-aholics Anonymous

  1. I am a fellow hollandaise-aholic. Every time I indulge, I gain about 2 pounds.. LOL. The good news is, I also happen to love greek yogurt. I am extremely excited to try this out – thank you for the idea!!

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