Vegan for Lent

I have been missing in action so far in 2014.  I am still training for the half marathon and doing good with my plan. I added some weight training and HIIT on the cross train days and
some ab work every night that I hope will help with my stamina.  I feel weak towards the end of my long runs still right now and that just won’t do.  It’s been such a craptastically cold winter that I ended up having to join a gym to get my runs in.  I really do not enjoy the treadmill, but it beats 0 degrees and 12” of snow.

Speaking of the gym- this is what I went there looking like this morning…


Yup! Realized it when I was looking in the mirror during dumbbell presses.  So special.

My handsome blue haired Caleb has asked me to be vegan with him for Lent this year.

He wanted to see if he had the will power to be vegan and knew that I am always down to be his partner in crime.  I made him hide the scale on me so that I am not weighing myself obsessively and wanting to quit.  I will just eat my healthy vegan whole foods and run and weight train and see where it takes me.

Tonight for our first vegan supper we are making “Beef” and Broccoli over rice.  It’s our favorite Chinese dish. Hopefully it turns out good!  I hate to disappoint on Day 1.  So far today I ate oatmeal cooked in coconut milk, with blueberries and almonds and a “Caribbean Wild Dog”  sans the cheddar on a veggie dog from this gem of a restaurant , which was pretty much amazing!

We are tucking into our Chinese tonight while watching 12 Years A Slave.  Cannot wait!

Peace Out.




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