Perfect Monday

You gotta love a Monday that you don’t have to work. I got up and took the kids to school and then went right back to bed with my coffee and a little Nurse Jackie.
My salad today was at Ruby Tuesdays. I was craving salad bar. I made a beautiful masterpiece. The best is the croutons. Deep fried cubes of doughy goodness (or at least they seem fried). I had high hopes to eat two full mountainous plates of veggies, but alas one was enough.
I went for a 2.3 mile run down the canal path. It was very peaceful and lovely. It was so sunny that I had to wear sunglasses and so warm behind my glasses that my eyeballs sweat and all of my make up ended up in my eyes. It didn’t feel good. I tried taking a picture to show eyeball sweat but it was so hurty that I couldn’t open my eyes….




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