Hollandaise-aholics Anonymous

Hi my name is Christina and I’m a hollandaise-aholic.

All I ever want for breakfast is Eggs Benedict.  I rarely get it since its so unhealthy.  I crave it like a mad woman though.  Obviously I am not going to go making a hollandaise from scratch, since my 2014 resolution is to do as little cooking as humanely possible (and also stop tailgating people when I’m driving- which is definitely a work in progress).

Luckily I happen to read last week that Knorr brand makes a really good Hollandaise mix and it’s all I could think about all week!  Finally I got around to buying some on Friday to try.  The instructions called for milk and butter. Since I didn’t have milk and I didn’t want to use butter I used plain greek yogurt and water instead (sorry, I don’t measure).  Mmmmm  perfect!  Very low calorie and fat.  I’m not ashamed to say that I have eaten it for 4 days in a row, all why losing weight this week!  So there ya go!

Friday night it was enjoyed on a piece for salmon with a poached egg.


Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday evening (yes that’s right… I ate it for 2 meals yesterday) and this morning I made a little California Eggs Benedict with turkey, provolone, avocado and poached eggs.


Its daaaalicious!


Day One

Day número uno of half marathon training. Today is cross train/stretch, so I am doing level 1 of Jillian Michaels Shred and yoga for runners.

Other than that we are just enjoying our last Sunday of Christmas break with a Lost marathon. Tomorrow it’s back to reality.

Half Marathon Training Schedule

Official training for the Flower City Half Marathon starts on January 5th!!!!  Below is the schedule for 16 weeks worth of workouts.  It was originally set up for 12 weeks, but I tacked on 4 extra weeks at the beginning since I have been such a lazy turd lately.  Don’t want to go getting hurt because I did too much too soon.

1 5-Jan x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest 3 rest 3
2 12-Jan x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest 3 rest 3
3 19-Jan x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest 3 rest 3
4 26-Jan x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest 3 rest 3
5 2-Feb x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest TEMPO A rest 4
6 9-Feb x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest HILL A rest 5
7 16-Feb x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest TEMPO A rest 6
8 24-Feb x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest HILL A rest 4
9 2-Mar x-train/stretch 2 Interval A x-train/rest TEMPO A rest 7
10 9-Mar x-train/stretch 3 Interval B x-train/rest HILL B rest 8
11 16-Mar x-train/stretch 3 Interval B x-train/rest TEMPO B rest 9
12 23-Mar x-train/stretch 3 Interval A x-train/rest HILL A rest 4
13 3-Mar x-train/stretch 3 Interval B x-train/rest TEMPO B rest 10
14 6-Apr x-train/stretch 3 Interval B x-train/rest HILL B rest 11
15 13-Apr x-train/stretch 3 Interval B x-train/rest TEMPO B rest 5
16 20-Apr x-train/stretch 3 3 rest 1-2 EASY rest HALF!!!

This is also an explanation of what the interval A&B, Tempo A&B and Hills A&B means;

Interval A- Interval B-
5 minute warm up 5 minute warm up
Run hard for 1 minute, then run easy or walk for 2 (Repeat 6 times) Run hard for 1:30 min, then run easy or job for 2:30 (repeat 6 times
5 minute cool down 5 minute cool down
Tempo A- Tempo B-
3 minute warm up 3 minute warm up
Run 2 miles at comfortably hard pace Run 3 miles at comfortably hard pace
3 minute cool down 3 minute cool down
Hill A- (3 minute hill) Hill B- (4 minute hill)
5 minute warm up 5 minute warm up
2 hill repeats –fast up and slow down 3 hill repeats – fast up slow down
5 minute cool down 5 minute cool down

So exciting!

Homemade Christmas

Ran 2 miles today on the canal and also did 10 minute arms and 8 minute abs. The canal was frozen and beautiful. It’s a tad boring though. I felt very slow and jiggly. I haven’t been running very much since it’s been so cold but I have to start my half marathon training on January 5th, I figured I’d better get out there.

Every year for Christmas I make my family homemade gifts. This year was popcorn lollies. Super easy and inexpensive. Made homemade popcorn and caramel out of marshmallows, butter and brown sugar. I decorated them with drizzled chocolate, almonds, mini chocolate chips, and mini m&ms. I am doing more tomorrow with chocolate and crushed pretzels and white chocolate and dried cranberries.


Sexy Shovelwear

The only complaint I have about my new house is the long uphill driveway when it snows.  I can’t make it up the driveway in my little car.  I make it JUST into the driveway and get stuck.  Not that big of a deal since I actually don’t mind shoveling snow…. but there is just one problem… I don’t own boots.  I have been shoveling this week in ski socks and sneakers, and yeah, it does look awesome. I’m positive that everyone that drives by in the mornings and sees this thinks I am touched in the head.  


But that little issue ends today, because the best boyfriend ever got me snow boots. 


Now I can shovel in style!  

Perhaps these little numbers for next year???




Ugly Crying

Ever had one of those ugly cry sort of days?  Well, that was my whole weekend.  Its started elegantly enough like this…


But it quickly escalated to this…


Followed by this…


And finally this is what you would’ve seen if you’d had been taking a stroll along the canal on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily it was 20 degrees so no one was out for me to scare…

cry 4


Being a woman is a magical gift, eh? 

Luckily I had my main girl SusieQ and my main man Kevilicious to cheer me up or who knows what it would’ve turned into.  I can’t think of a cry more ugly than Claire Danes.  Blech.


Today was my first run after the Thanksgiving 10K and moving.  Good Lord I was sore! I’m glad I gave myself a break. 

This morning I had the pleasure of running 2.5 miles with my dear friend Erin.  I can’t remember the last time we had been able to get out together?  Maybe a year and a half for more?  Running with a friend makes it so much more fun and the time flew by.  It was a little icy but we powered through like the champs that we are.    

Sometimes I hate living in the same small town I grew up in, but certain aspects of it make me grateful and this morning was one of them.  Our cute little Main Street all decked out for Christmas and good conversation with someone I first met when I was just 14 years old…such a perfect way to start the day!  

I must admit though that the very best thing about a morning run is that all day long I can look forward to guilt free laziness tonight.  I need to keep it in mind when my alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m.

Tonight is quinoa and lentils in the rice cooker and hopefully a good movie or tv show.  I swore I was done with The Walking Dead, but all these people talking about it on Facebook have me interested.  I can only hope and pray that little rat faced Carl gets killed off in this season.  That will make it worthwhile for me.  

Image<– WORD!


Two things I am not looking forward to as of today because of this dumb snow storm we are supposed to be getting…

First would be the 10k that I am running Thanksgiving morning.  I was already not feeling overly confident about it (lets not even talk about the fact that I only ran 5 miles total last week).  Now I get to trudge through 10 feet of snow too!  Yay! 

Image<— Me on Thanksgiving.

Second, would be moving Friday in all of the snow.  Luckily I have everything moved in already except the big furniture… but still.  Its going to suck! 

In both case the end results will be great though so I just have to look forward to that!  Friday night can’t come fast enough!  Its going to be all about sweats, wine and Christmas tree decorating.